Our Commitment to the Environment

At Best Care we take our commitment to the environment very seriously.

We continuously explore safer and more environmentally responsible technologies. Over the past five years we have replaced all our dry cleaning machines, pressing equipment, wet cleaning machines and shirt finishing equipment. We perform daily maintenance on our equipment to ensure it is in exceptional working order. Over the past 15 years, this new equipment along with our commitment to advance has helped us reduce our chemical consumption by 80% and our power consumption by 35%.

Recently we installed 2 brand new dry cleaning machines and switched over our dry cleaning solution to an eco-friendly alternative called Intense. This solution is effective yet gentle on fabrics and completely safe.

We continue to use only phosphate free detergents and additives with little or no fragrance keeping in mind our customers with chemical sensitivities. We voluntarily take “workplace air quality” tests. Each year we submit reports to Environment Canada and comply with all rules, regulations and inspections.