Q & A: Cleaning Holiday Tree Skirts

Q How do I clean tree skirts before and after the Holidays?
Holiday tree skirts are often valuable and treasured items. Some tree skirts are very costly, while others may be family heirlooms.
Regardless of their original or sentimental value, tree skirts should be handled with great care.
In some cases, tree skirts cannot be safely laundered or dry cleaned, because they are adorned with beads, sequins, appliqu├ęs, lace, felt, quilted designs, multicoloured prints, and other types of decorative trim. In most cases, these decorative trims are attached with glues and adhesives that show little resistance to cleaning.
If water or other liquids spill on the skirt, blot the area with white handkerchiefs, cotton towels, or paper towels. Use cool water to aid in removing stains. Local stain removal treatments may be the only safe method for handling tree skirts. In some cases, stains cannot be removed without damage. Bring your tree skirt to us for assistance if stain removal becomes necessary.

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