Price List

If you are ready to bring your clothing to Winnipeg's premier dry cleaner but are curious about our rates, check out our price list below. *Free Pick-Up & Delivery included, within Winnipeg, on days our driver is in your neighbourhood.


Blouse (Hand Press)   $11.29
Blouse (Dry Clean) $14.75
Blouse (Silk) $18.04
Dress $29.61
Baseball Cap $27.39
Jacket / Blazer $17.72
Jacket / Silk $21.14
Pants / Skirt / Jeans $15.47
Pants (Silk) $18.68
Pillows (Down/Poly) $44.51
Shirt (Laundered, Hangers) $5.29
Shirt (Laundered, Folded) $8.07
Shirt (Hand Press) $11.29
Shirt (Dry Clean) $14.75
Shirt (Silk) $18.04
Sweater $17.42
  • Prices are before Taxes.
  • Same day service may be available, inquire for details. 
  • Additional charges may apply for specialty garments or items requiring lint or stain removal.
  • Please bring in item for an exact quotation.