Shirt Hand-Finishing Service

pressedshirtWEBAt Best Care, our most discerning customers choose to have their expensive shirts hand-finished.

During hand finishing, we control the temperature of the steam and the amount of pressure applied to insure a perfectly finished shirt. Certain specialty fabrics, dyes and decorative trims make hand finishing specific shirts necessary. Shirts that require hand finishing are those that contain Linen, Lycra, Spandex, Elastane, Nylon, Acrylic and some other uncommon fabrics. These fabrics cannot withstand the high heat finishing on commercial finishing units. We hand finish all tuxedo shirts, shirts with fancy trim, screen print, thick buttons, snap buttons, shell/pearl/stone buttons.

Shirts that are smaller than a size 15 men’s, or a women’s small must be hand finished. These shirts or blouses are tailored, or darted and fitted around the waist and smaller in overall size. This size difference prevents us from putting these shirts on our shirt unit at all. We strongly recommend that you have all your dark dyed shirts (black, red, navy, brown, purple) hand finished to prolong their life. Dark colored shirts may show impressions on collars, cuffs, pockets and seams, when finished on a commercial shirt unit.

Hand Finished shirts are carefully inspected after cleaning and finishing, missing buttons are replaced, after hanging we do up the first and third button to keep the shirt shaped well then we insert a butterfly collar support to keep the collar crisp.