At Best Care we are constantly striving to use technology to save you time, improve quality and create a happy customer experience for you! We are excited to share a couple of new features. Our customers tell us they love the Order Ready Notifications that we send by email. Just in case you’re behind on emails – We are working on a text (SMS) version of this notification. Sometimes we are ahead of schedule with your garments. How convenient would it be to get notified the moment your items are completed and you just happen to be in the area?

Are you an early bird or working late? We’ve installed 24 Hour Drop Doors at both Locations: 998 Main St and 1290 Kenaston Blvd. The Yellow bag (Dry Cleaning) and the Blue bag (Laundry) are provided for free. Fill the bag and drop off anytime day or night! Leave us a note inside with any special instructions, like needed repairs. We will process most items within 3 days. You’ll get an email order ready notification when items are completed or ask for free delivery.

To inquire, get a bag, or get set up services, please call: 204-487-3083 or email us through our website:

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What will you be wearing when you emerge from your Covid-Cocoon? Many of you have grown too fond of your sweat-pant life or no-pant life. Forgotten what it’s like to suit up and get down to business. Well, you are sanitized and masked up, maybe even got your haircut! But – what are you wearing? Did you know clothing stores have re-opened in Winnipeg? Yay local business! Fingers crossed, in a few weeks we will even be dining out and clinking glasses over wine! Will you embrace your inner butterfly as you start to show yourself to the world again? Why not head back to your closet right now and say “Hey, I’ve missed you! Let’s make something beautiful together!”

In case you’ve forgotten that feeling of putting on an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks…let me remind you! Freshly pressed fabric that isn’t fuzzy inside, a striking colour that enhances your skin tone, shoes you haven’t put on in a year, a beautiful pocket square or patterned scarf to finish the look. Remember what it’s like to button up your crisp dress shirt instead of just pulling a t-shirt over your head? Beautiful cuff links showing just below your suit jacket sleeve? Oh, how I miss seeing downtown a buzz with suits and ties, dresses, jackets, wool coats, people moving with purpose, looking good, feeling amazing!

Why not try a little transformation this week? Visit your closet, pull out something that elicits a great memory of the last time you wore it. Was it a first date, your pre-Covid Birthday, your daughter’s graduation? Those clothes in your closet are more than just fabric, thread and zippers. They are your personal brand, how you show up to the world. Clothes are with you as you create memories. For me personally, meeting someone for the first time – I notice first their eyes, then their smile and finally what they are wearing. Until the day you fully materialize and leave your Cocoon behind, hopefully soon, why not be the best dressed on your next video call?

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As I walk around Best Care these days, I notice a considerable lack of pants! Was it my imagination or had the pants disappeared?

Let me debrief you on the current pantdemic. In October of 2019 we cleaned 1537 pairs of pants this year October, 770 pairs of pants. So, a suggestion from your dry cleaner…please don’t forget to wear pants. Allow me to remind you of that familiar feeling of a waistband snug against your tummy, tucking in your dress shirt, zipping up your zipper, buttoning up the waist button. Even putting on a belt?! I implore you, let us be done with stretchy pants!

You know the most common Zoom and Teams joke? – …’I hope you’re all wearing pants!’  or cleverly typed into the chat ‘Dan, don’t stand up, I know you’re not wearing pants!

Why do I want you to wear pants again you ask? Well firstly, you are a grownup (most days) secondly, do they still fit or are they just taking up real estate in your closet? Its not just me, think of your virtual peers, you may have to get up for a coffee or tea and then everyone will see – business on top, party on the bottom!

I know its hard to imagine but we will go out again, socialize, connect, even party! I personally miss dressing up everyday like crazy. I can not wait to gather with friends and family wearing dress pants with a waistband, maybe even a bit of faux leather trim or a cute skirt…dare I say a dress and heels!

At Best Care we are doing everything we can to make sure we are here for you and your long-forgotten pants. Safely staying open for those that want to drop off in person. Offering free pick-up and delivery, contactless when possible. We even installed 24_hour_drop doors at both locations – drop your yellow bag anytime. We are excited for Winnipeg to return to work, get back to the gym, date night with your sweetheart, shop in your favorite clothing store, have a birthday celebration, even get married! Cheers to that!

Just in case you want to embrace the stretchy pants a bit longer…we also have a Wash~ Dry~Fold laundry service. Great for your casual washable items.

In all seriousness, a sincere thank you to all our loyal customers. Its been uncertain at times since March but we feel and are grateful for your continued support. As part of your community for 50 years we want to keep on doing what we love everyday – keeping your garments cleaned and pressed, helping you look and feel great! Hopefully…with pants on.

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Did you know that Best Care is the only Dry Cleaners in Manitoba referred directly by Canada Goose?

What does that mean? It means that we were visited by the Manager of Warranty and Repair for Canada Goose. She toured our facility and found we were using eco-friendly dry cleaning methods that were safe, gentle and effective. We were then given test samples to clean. They provided a variety of fabrics, styles, colours, and trim combinations to determine safest cleaning methods – including fur hood trims and leather trimmed parkas. Our test samples, including all trims were evaluated and approved by Canada Goose. Since being added to the Dry Cleaner referral program in 2018, we have cleaned hundreds of Canada Goose jackets, coats and parkas.

How can you Best Care for your Canada Goose while keeping your warranty intact?

Make sure you store your jacket in the cleanest condition possible. Any dirt, sweat and oil will degrade fabrics over time. Refer to the product care label on your garment for specific care instructions.

When your down-filled parka requires cleaning, it is important that you take it to a reputable dry cleaner that has been approved by Canada Goose. Do not machine wash it at home. Machine-washing your parka will void the warranty. If your parka has a removable fur option, remove the fur trim before dry cleaning. Inspect the fur to determine if it needs cleaning. If you have any visible stains on your parka, point them out when you drop it off for cleaning.

Once your parka is clean, its important to store it properly. Let the parka hang freely on a wide hanger. For best results, store it in a dark, moisture-free environment, using a breathable garment bag for protection from dust and dirt. Avoid compressing your Canada Goose jacket into crammed spaces.

At Best Care we have the knowledge and experience to clean and sanitize your Canada Goose while keeping your warranty intact – should you ever need to use it. Be sure to clean your parkas regularly throughout fall and winter and especially before storing away for the season.

Stay warm and look great in your freshly cleaned Canada Goose!

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Have you noticed our new Hangers? We recently switched over our shirt hangers to a new, blue, sturdy, plastic-coated wire. We wanted to give these new hangers a try because they are Canadian made and 100% re-usable and recyclable.

Just as we have been doing for years with our other wire hangers, we accept used hangers. We encourage you to bring them back using one of our convenient hanger boxes. These boxes are supplied free of charge at both locations.

When you return your hangers to us, we sort them, clean them and re-use any that are in a like-new condition. Any hangers broken, rusted or damaged get boxed up and taken to Urban Mine for recycling.

We want our customers to know that we care about the environment as much as we care about cleaning their garments. Please join us in our efforts to reduce hangers entering landfills. Your closet and the environment will Thank You!

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More than 35 million fewer hangers will make their way to landfills this year, thanks to the help of  Best Care Dry Cleaners and other participants of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute’s “DLI Cleaners Care – Hanger Recycling” program.

Best Care Dry Cleaners formerly recycled thousands of hangers each year on its own, but by joining with associated cleaning businesses across the nation the company was able to contribute to a greater goal.

How does Best Care’s Staff and Management feel about this effort? “We’re proud to be part of a program that keeps hangers out of landfills and helps reduce our industry’s carbon footprint. We want our customers to know that we care about the environment and the future as much as we care about cleaning their garments.”

Best Care Dry Cleaners is working with many other dry cleaners on the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute’s DLI Cleaners Care Hanger Recycling program. The national effort aims to send 35 million fewer hangers to landfills in 2017, and hopes to see the number grow beyond that.

Participating dry cleaners pledge to reuse hangers whenever possible and recycle unusable hangers with local steel scrapyards. How can our customers help? Take a free cardboard hanger caddy when you’re in to drop off cleaning, fill it up with wire hangers and drop it off at one of our locations. Your closet and the environment will thank you!

To find out more about our commitment to the environment, visit our website:

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During Wear – Don’t sit on rough surfaces while wearing a swimsuit. The concrete beside the pool or wood from the lounge chairs may snag the swimsuit material. Always lay down a towel before you sit. Don’t wear your favourite suit in the hot tub or jacuzzi. The hot water combined with chlorine will cause fading and shorten it’s lifespan.

Wash your swimsuit after each and every wear – even if you don’t go in the water. Sweat, sunscreen, sun tan lotion, sand, salt and chlorine contain ingredients that can be damaging to fabric and can lead to eventual breakdown of the material. Mineral-based lotions and oils can cause yellowing over time if swimsuits are not washed thoroughly. Chlorine is another reason to wash as soon as possible. It is harsher on swimwear than fresh and salt water and can lead to fading of bright colours.

Don’t put your swimsuit in the washing machine. For best results, wash your swimsuit by hand and use a delicate detergent or white vinegar. The agitation and extraction in some home machines can cause bunching or stretch out your suit out of shape. Fill your sink with lukewarm water and add one capful of mild detergent or white vinegar. Let the swimsuit soak in the solution for about 10 minutes, and then rinse with cool water.

Never put swimsuits in the dryer – To dry, gently roll your suit in a clean dry towel to remove excess water. Then lay flat to completely dry. Never put swimsuits in the dryer, the heat will cause damage to the delicate spandex and elastic fibers.

Happy Swimming, we hope you enjoy the Summer!

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How do you clean linen? 

  • Linen is usually washable, but it can shrink if it has not been pre-shrunk by the manufacturer. Check the care label before laundering.
  • If machine washing linens, use warm water and a short, gentle cycle.
  • Separate colours before washing. Many linen dyes may bleed.
  • Dry linen garments on a clothing rack or hanger.
  • When pressing, use a high temperature with a spray mist or damp cloth.
  • If your linens have been treated with a wrinkle-resistant finish, use a lower setting on your iron.
  • Clean all pieces of your linen outfits at the same time to avoid colour discrepancies.

Linen is a comfortable fabric to wear due to its breathability and natural fibres. It also wrinkles very easily – this natural wrinkle must be embraced, it will not stay perfectly pressed during wear like some man-made fibers.

We professionally care for linens and have the specialized equipment to wet clean or dry clean based on the needs of your specific garments. At Best Care our mission is to help keep you looking your best all summer long.

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Recently we received an assignment from our Methods for Management business group. The members of this group are Dry Cleaners who want to gain knowledge and experience from their peers in the industry. Our assignment was to ‘secret shop’ our competitors and present our findings at the next meeting. This sounded like really fun, informative homework to me, so I took things one step further. I decided to create a red wine challenge and include Best Care in the Secret Shopper Program. In the interest of professionalism and respect for our competitors in Winnipeg, I will not report all the secret shopper’s findings, but only on what I learned about how Best Care measures up.

First our shopper purchased a blue, Joe brand, 100% cotton shirt. It was stained with a tablespoon of red wine (a little wine goes a long way!) Then two buttons were removed, one small one under the collar and the front fourth one from the top. Once the wine had dried, our model put on the shirt and we took ‘before’ photos.

The next day our secret shopper anonymously took the shirt into Best Care for cleaning. She reported that customer service was friendly and knowledgeable. The CSR explained that red wine wouldn’t come out in a regular laundry process and that we would perform stain removal. She explained there could be an extra charge for the time spent working on the stain. The shirt was promised for 3 day service. Three days later our Secret Shopper received an email notification that her order was ready.

At pick-up time our Secret Shopper was pleased with the results. The CSR smiled and greeted her upon entering the store. She handed over her slip and the CSR pulled it up on the computer immediately. The conveyor started turning and the shirt was hung in front of the customer. Our secret shopper inspected the item and found the red wine was removed, the two missing buttons were replaced (at no charge)  and the shirt was pressed well. Our secret shopper had an additional comment about the collar button that was replaced, it wasn’t an exact match to the other one, but she understood the shirt had no attached spare button. She felt the price was more than fair for saving the shirt, the regular shirt price plus a $5 stain removal charge. She noted that only GST/PST were added, no additional environmental fee or surcharge was added.

As passionate garment care professionals we were pleased to find out how we measured up. We plan to continue this exercise regularly to be certain our loyal customers receive the quality, service and innovation they look for in a dry cleaner.

If you have a difficult stain gently blot, do not rub, and bring it to one of our locations as soon as possible before the stain is allowed to set.

Thank you for wearing clothes!

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Have you cleaned your bedding since last summer? Bedding can last a long time if cared for properly – five to six years on average.

Unlike clothing labels, which provide instructions for how to properly care for garments, many comforters, bedspreads, duvets and pillows are sold without any instructions. Some bedding can be cleaned safely at home but larger sizes, down, silk and wool filled items should be cleaned by a professional.

Possible Problems
While bedspreads and comforters are often long-term purchases, they can be subject to some problems in use and care. Here are some common ones to know about:

  • Stains: Stains can easily occur from spillage or contact with various substances in use. Once they have contacted the fabric, they should be treated and cleaned as soon as possible. Factors affecting removal include the substance, nature of the material and the age of the stain. The multiple thickness of bedspreads and comforters may also make removal difficult.
  • Color loss: Cleaning may cause color loss some prints or dyes are not stable and may diminished in color or a print to lose its original brightness. All coordinating pieces should be dry cleaned or laundered at the same time and with the same process to prevent color variances within the set.
  • Shrinkage: Shrinkage of two to three percent or more can easily occur if the fabric is not completely preshrunk.
  • Improper construction: If comforters are not quilted with closed channels or pockets the filling material can shift in cleaning and use. Proper construction helps prevent shifting, fabric tears, and a lumpy appearance.

Preserving Your Textiles
While we are garment care experts, we also have extensive experience with all household textiles, which, in addition to bedspreads and comforters, include pillows, draperies and curtains, blankets, slipcovers, decorative pillows and rugs.

If you closed up the cabin last year without having bedding cleaned and packaged properly, we can help get you ready to enjoy sleeping in, lake life and cozy campfires!

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